February 1996. My first bigger production under Substance label. Before that I've only coded some 4k intros while learning assembler. Coded in pure real-mode assembler (640k should be enough for everyone!) except for setup that was done in Turbo Pascal (sic!). 
Basically it's your standard vector demo with 2-3 bitmap effects (zoom rotator , some bitmap distortions and fake hi-color plasma). Contains one of the first environment mapped vectors in Poland (Zielu/Adrar coded them first, then at GP96 there were several demos with what was then known as "Phong shading" [fake obviously :)]). Presented at GP96, took second place.
Music by Raiden (main tune) and Falcon (credits). 2D graphics by Draken, Katarek, Vildis and Unreal/Pulse. 3D objects by Voomie/MiST & some unknown authors (infamous 3D Studio duck & mask). Soundsystem by JCAB/Iguana.
Fun facts: Raiden and Falcon have their own bands now, Unreal's far away in San Francisco, and Voomie's doing some crazy stuff at Evasion 3D.
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64k intro, March 1996. It was *supposed* to be presented at Mekka, but there were some problems (I dont even know to this day what exactly, I wasnt present there), so we released it after party. Basically, uses same "engine" as Napalm, only in the meantime I managed to code realtime shadows on Mode7 terrain (fake of course), some hi-color plasmas, realtime reflections and (fake again) multi-colored lights. I'm actually still kinda happy with this one, it was OK for 1996. 100% assembler.
Music by KeyG, player by Robban/Cascada. Uses flat-real mode.
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The Cube 2
August 1996, one day(+night) pre-party production. Before that I've coded another 4k intro (Apathy), but cannot find it anywhere. This is sequel to my first 4k (blame my imagination). Basically, I put there more than I should (it brought my 486DX2-66 to its knees). It's distorted TV box with Julia fractal on sides, with another TV box with Mandelbrot rendered in the mirror. On top of that - Julia fractal in the background. All rendered in fake hi-color mode (it scales awfully, hence those weird bands in the snapshots, click for larget version) and some lens flares. It was presented at Intel Outside 1996. 100% assembler of course.
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Baptism of Fire
64k intro, February 1997. My first (...and last) production under Swirl label (basically, it was me & KeyG). Also, it was the first time I focused on design more then on actual effects, so not much to write about them... The  part that gave me most troubles was compressing/generationg 3D objects (all are generated, including the apple). In the meatime we also released Extermination (under Substance), which won Gravity 1996, but it doesnt run under DOSBox (luckily, as I'm not too fond of it). Baptism of Fire took 3rd place at GP 1997. As usually - pure assembler (protected mode this time).
Music by KeyG, PMODE/W by Daredevil & Tran, MXM Player by Pascal/Cubic.
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Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot
MOD/S3M player, holidays of 1997. My first serious C application. Can play MOD and S3M files, supports Gravis Ultrasound (best soundcard ever!) only. At that time it had really good (IMHO) sound quality, supported most of the effects, even the exotic ones. IIRC it didnt support only glissando and invert loop. Interface is a tribute to my favourite player - Inertia. It's my only production from this period that I still have source code for. Sometimes it makes me laugh - I've been learning C from other source codes, without access to the Internet, so often I'd reimplement functions that could be found in the language, like ChrUpr. It also had funny feature of recognizing Polish composers (as you can see in the second snapshot, when playing XTD's Far Away).
It was easier for me to launch it under DOSBox than to compile it, even having all the sources... So much about C portability. I do use some weird functions, tho (it was built under WATCOM) like _dos_setvect for timer IRQ, UI is drawn by writing directly to 0xB8000 (good times...) and so on.
Empathy is a demo/game engine for GameBoy Advance. Coded in C++ with tiny bits of assembler, somwhen in 2002 I think. It's actually one of the projects that got me my first industry job. It had all the usual stuff you'd expect like wrappers over GBA hardware, sprite memory manager, efficient fixed point class + vector math classes, 3D engine.
2D blobs, mode4
Bump mapping, hi-color mode
Rotated background (Mode7) + rotated 3D sprites
First test of 3D engine. 3D Studio duck (270 verts + 516 faces).
"Achoo" mask with 1330 verts and 2576 faces, environment mapped (pseudo metal shading).
Java applets
Some simple graphics effects in Java (hosted at my old server, may work slow and/or doesnt load at all):
In 2001 I took part in (now defunct programmer's portal) Java Applet Coding Contest (theme: light rays). My entry took 3rd place (get source code if you're interested).
JACC 3rd