About Me

My name’s Maciej Sinilo. I live in London, Canada but originally come from Poland. I code videogames for food.

Fan of rock/metal music, all kinds of sports (with one true love: football), fantasy/sci-fi/cyberpunk books/movies/comics. I like travelling and discovering new cultures/places. Before coming to Canada, I lived in 4 different cities in Poland (probably in 10+ places), Italy (Palermo) and Sweden (Uppsala).

More info about my professional career - here. In case you’d like to contact me for any reason try:

Disclaimer (it should be obvious, but just to have my butt covered): this is my private weblog, opinions expressed here represent my thoughts and opinions only and not the opinions of my employer or any of its employees. /whoever my current employer may be, it changes, as you know :)/

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