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Just a few interesting links I’ve found recently:

  • Visual Computing blog - a cooperation between Intel and Gamasutra. Links/articles mainly on topics of multicore/rendering, slightly focused on Intel’s technologies (TBB, Thread Profiler, Thread Checker, VTune). Worth checking out, to see what’s going on. They’re obviously people of great taste, too, as they linked to yours truly and that’s how I found about it :)

  • Parallel Rendering with DirectX Command Buffers - Gamefest 2008 paper/source code by Vincent Scheib (of Demoscene Outreach Group fame). Another approach (more transparent) to multi-threaded rendering with DirectX. BTW, Microsoft – where are others Gamefest proceedings? It’s August already.

  • Naughty Dog GDC 2008 papers - old link, but worth visiting, Uncharted is a one sweet game,

  • IBM Cell Programming Workshop at Georgia Tech - presentations online,

  • Google C++ Style Guide

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Vincent Scheib 2008-08-24 20:38:10

;) Heh, I didn’t know my demo outreach made me famous! This year at Siggraph there was a GREAT demo real on a HUGE screen at 60FPS, high definition resolution! Very awesome to see that.

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