Demoscene tribute - Second Reality

I know I claimed I would not write about Second Reality here, mostly because everyone knows it, but it’s a special day today… It’s been exactly 20 years since Second Reality has been shown for the first time, at Assembly 1993. I’ve seen it few months later and still remember that day. I was living in Torun at that time and have just started high school. I would often visit local computer store, just to see what’s new. Guy running the place was also selling pirated games. There must have been an extra space left on disc I got, because he added Second Reality. I think I watched it like 50 times that day. I had been programming for few years at that point, but mostly in Basic, Pascal, Clipper (sic!), usually simple text adventure games, nothing to do with graphics programming… This was the moment when I decided I wanted to do stuff like that and started learning assembler and looking for demoscene contacts in Poland. So yeah… I’m doing what I’m doing today in big part because some random dude decided to fill up an empty space with a demo.

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gagdet 2013-08-01 05:44:17

C64 version
just for the sake of it ..

mr 2013-08-01 06:47:37

Second Reality rocked my world! Makes me want to dig up my GUS MAX from a closet somewhere and hug it once again. ;)
I’d love to hear the soundtrack arranged for a full orchestra with accompanying electronic instruments.

miciwan 2013-08-02 00:51:55

And to celebrate, one of the coders released full sources:

Second Reality by Future Crew | No more cubes. 2013-08-04 11:28:09

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