RDESTL - changes

Seems like I’m mainly pimping RDESTL recently, but that’s all I’ve time/power to work on when I’m back at hotel. Quick update:

  • latest hash_map included in Attractive Chaos benchmark (+bug fixes). It did quite well. One problem is it consumes memory like crazy, but benchmark works on a really huge set. Anyhow, memory/performance ratio can be controlled via load factor parameter.

  • I’ve added simple stack class (built on top of other generic container, like in STL).

  • General code clean-up, small bug fixes and it should even compile without including rest of RDE.

I guess I’ll work on sorting next, but there are some other interesting problems (non STL related) that I’m investigating in meantime, so it may take a bit.

[Edit] Just because I CBA to create “link” note every time I find something interesting, I’ll just put it here. Two links from “this guy is either crazy or genius” category:

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