Just a quick note – recently I’ve finally completed my quest for perfect desktop. I’ve found small launcher utility that lets me to execute applications that are not on my quickbar, so I don’t have to use desktop icons or “Start” menu. Instead, I just tap Alt+Space and have all my programs just few keystrokes away. Meet Launchy. It let me to remove all icons and hide taskbar, leaving my desktop totally clean. Minimalism at its finest. Behold (yes, it’s actually screenshot of my desktop, not just a wallpaper, you can see hint of hidden taskbar in the bottom):

My new desktop

My new desktop

[Edit] Oh, yeah, Happy New Year!

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Pawel 2009-01-02 21:45:17

This app rules :D
Thx for sharing :)

didito 2012-01-31 18:30:48

very glad to find out that somebody else uses that tool to. feels almost like macosx now :P