Why Google will take over the world

It dawned on me when I’ve been trying to find a good place to upload my photos to. Most known service is probably Flickr, it may be the best even. Thing is, I hate registration process. I’m registered to 20+ different places and if I can avoid another one - I will. It turns out that if you have a Gmail account (which is worth to get, because as far as free accounts go, it’s a very good one) - you have access to virtually every service Google offers, without further fuzz. At this point I usually dont care if it’s the very best service of its kind as long as it works for me (and it usually does). I think that one product I tried and it sucked was Blogger. Apart from aforementioned Picasa and Gmail I use Google Docs (stroke of genius… no more bothering with USB sticks, sending mails back and forth, access to your documents from every place on Earth), Google Code (see Docs), Google Desktop (without sidebar and gadgets, they are, shall we say, not so brilliant), Google Browser Sync, Google Analytics and Google Reader. They are all very good tools, but main reason I use them is much more prosaic – I’m registered in one place instead of 20.

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