Optimistic note

Two links for a good beginning of the week:

  • Where The Hell is Matt? - site of Matt Harding, aka “that guy who dances”. Matt is fellow game developer, who one day decided to travel the world and… dance. He made the first video and it became popular enough to grant sponsorship for the second trip. Watch both, they’re very simple, yet amazing. You just cant help, but think that world’s a beautiful place after all. Matt does things you always wanted to do (well, apart the dancing part maybe), but you were afraid.

  • Interview with Alexey Pajitnov - he’s creator of one of the most famous games ever made - Tetris. It’s a rare example of game that can be equally enjoyed by ultra casuals (like my grandma) and Japanese hardcore players with cyborg reflexes. Unlike some other designers (cough), Alexey remains a totally down-to-earth, and genuinely nice chap. He doesnt seem to regret all those money he could have earned. In his own words: “I might have been several million richer, but would I have been several million happier?”

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