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Finally got my laptop back, so let’s restart with a quick warm-up note. I’ve been in Sweden for over 1 month now. When I came here I realized it’s almost symbolic, because I started my first gamedev job in May as well. 7 years have passed and here I am again. Different country, different company, different weather, but same feeling.

Sweden’s a very nice, quiet country. There are some weird things here, but in general it’s very foreigner-friendly. Actually, excluding countries where English is official language, it must be one of the best place for English speaking people. I’ve yet to find a single person who doesn’t speak the language of Shakespeare and Beckham. In majority of cases, their English is better than mine actually, so no worries here. 90% of TV movies/programs is in English as well (+ Swedish subtitles). People warned me that finding a flat to rent may be tricky, but appearently they were exaggerating or I got lucky, because it took me maybe 1 week. Oh yeah, and their Internet connections are crazy. 25MBit is the lowest I’ve seen, 100MBit+ is standard.

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Pawel 2009-06-11 18:16:59

That’s why Swedes are the world’s top warez uploaders. Put a speed limit on their connections I say.
And witch-burn the Pirate Bay guys.

admin 2009-06-11 20:15:50

They also have Pirate Party in European Parliament :)

george 2009-06-12 09:02:52

tell us about the weird things! :-)

Vim 2009-06-12 17:26:21

Welcome to Sweden :).
Yes, tell us the weird things :). it’s always fun to learn what seems strange to other as we swedes most likely see it as the most normal things in the world =).

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