Netflix company culture

Pretty interesting internal presentation on Netflix company culture. I’ve only heard about them because of their Netflix Prize contest and now I’m trying to find some more info. A company that treats its employees as grown ups, shocker. There are some pretty slogans at the beginning (company values etc… hard part is to actually obey them, not to chisel them in marble), but then it becomes rather interesting (I especially like slides 27-28 and salary review system). Definitelly worth checking out. Plus, their vacation “policy” is not bad, either…

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ed 2009-08-06 22:20:30

Great presentation… Many things looks familiar :) Exposes mistakes done by companies I know.
Especially the mistake when growing company is increasing it’s management in order to have more control and then starts to create many new rules. This always leads to total disaster in which good people are leaving. More rules, less productivity, which leads to more rules and even less productivity and so on… Then everything collapses.

icastano 2009-08-06 00:32:50

That vacation policy is pretty much like NVIDIA’s. I think they call it “professional vacations”.

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