Random links, 31/08/2009

Some interesting links:

  • Recast & Detour libraries. Recast is library that automatically generates navigation meshes from level geometry, Detour is a pathfinding library. Both created by Mikko Mononen. Demosceners may remember his Demopajaa tool (demo authoring tool) or Moppi Productions demos.

  • Pierre Terdiman uses Recast in his Konoko Payne project, you can read about his experiences at his blog. Konoko Payne is a one-man project, Oni-meets-Max Payne game.

  • Recently I’ve been coding a simple slideshow and needed to load some images. At first I wanted to go the ‘easy’ route and employ libpng/jpeglib, but those libraries are so bloated plus libpng needs zlib. Luckily, Sean Barrett coded his own equivalents of many popular libraries. Meet stb_image.c - public domain JPEG/PNG/PSD/TGA/BMP loader and zlib decompressor in one. Make sure to visit Sean’s page, there’s also PD Ogg Vorbis decompressor and truetype font rasterizer. All his libs require no other dependencies and basically all you need to do is to add one file to your project. MSVC may complain a little bit if compiling at warning level 4, but nothing major.

  • Bought Jason Gregory’s (Naughty Dog) “Game Engine Architecture”. Almost done with reading (800 pages!), will put a review soon.

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