Cruncher# update

I’ve read this note on Rachel’s blog and found out there’s tool similar to Cruncher, just for ELF, named pahole. It has a nifty feature of showing cacheline boundaries. Had a little bit of spare time this weekend, so decided to add it to Cruncher# as well. By default, it assumes that object’s start offset corresponds with cacheline start, but you can set ‘prefetch’ start offset from context RMB menu. Screenshot:

Download link same as before.

Old comments

Rachel Blum 2009-11-01 20:10:51

Thank you! Saves me some time this weekend ;)

Dan Glastonbury 2009-11-02 18:48:12

What version of the DIA library is required? I got an exception looking for a COM factory, which I presume is to do with the wrong DIA being registered. Or something.

admin 2009-11-02 21:09:01

Yeah, trying to get DIA to work on other machine is always ‘fun’, I wasted 20 minutes once trying to run it on work machine, registering 5 different versions. Anyway, DIA 9.0 from MSVC 2008 should be the “correct” one here.