Pseudoregisters in MSVC - spreading the word

Very interesting article at CodeProject. Shame to admit, but I’ve been working with Visual Studio for years and it’s new to me. Good way to track down MSVC hardcore freaks in your company – see who knows about it.

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ed 2008-02-18 22:19:16

looks like undocumented feature to me :) fyi: recently I’ve also discovered a nice feature in debugger called “automatically expanding data”. You can edit file “autoexp.dat” in msvc folder and show debugger how to expand various types in your project. For example, you have custom container class ? You can show debugger how to enumerate through elements. My guess is that with a bit of work, you can even enumerate through exotic containers like lua context to display variables in it.

Riddlemaster 2008-02-19 09:35:29

Even if undocumented it is still very nice. I wonder how many other features like that lay hidden in the Visual Studio :)