Google Tech Talks

I think I’ve already posted links to some videos from Google Tech Talks, but I’ve been catching up recently and found some other interesting movies. They all have a nice, distinct geek spirit… Where else can you find 50 minute presentation about the beauty of quicksort implemention?

…plus something from the other side of barricade - Simon Peyton-Jones (Microsoft) - A Taste of Haskell (part I, part II).

PS. Go ManU!

Old comments

SirMike 2008-04-26 18:37:10

Oh, poor ManU ;)

ed 2008-04-24 17:37:52

Functional programming looks like an excellent choice for game logic. Although I still don’t like languages like Haskell with so extensive use of ASCII chars :) I still prefer MSVisual over MSPaint.