Demoscene tribute - Camorra

Camorra was a Polish demoscene group. They might have not gained same level recognition as Sunflower/Pulse, but they sure were one of the best squads in the first years of Polish PC scene. Camorra actually won the first Polish PC party - General Probe 1995. Sadly, couldn’t find this winning demo (Gust) anywhere. Let’s start with Gustation then. It’s their 64k intro from CAF 1995, took 2nd place behind Why by Adrar Design:

Camorra was pretty much Maf (coder) + Ari. They’ve been cooperating with other musicians (Snoopy, XTD) and artists on per-production basis. Camorra’s signature trait was very clean design with perfect music synchronization, but later they started to include some really advanced effects. Disgust was probably peak of this technological race. This demo won General Probe 1996 (…2nd place taken by yours truly+Raiden+Falcon+Draken):

I remember being really impressed after seeing this 8k polys Porsche (OK, so it wasn’t perfectly smooth, but it was 8k!! :).

Later Maf started experimenting with more artistic approach + fake hi-color modes, inspired probably by Orange demos. Results are Gu-star:

… and especially their magnum opus and - in my opinion - one of the best Polish demos ever made - Planet Logus-T5:

Logus was released at the Intel Outside 3 party. After that they also released Jest (64k intro, Assembly 1997), which sadly was the last production from Camorra…

Maf wasn’t done with coding, though. In 2001 he started - one of the first Polish portals with online games, probably the most popular one to this day.

Old comments

C0de517e 2011-06-09 06:27:22

Nice stuff, it’s a bit of a shame for the juvenile bad taste of the group name.

Gynvael Coldwind 2011-06-09 07:38:12

WOW, these are awesome! Thanks for pointing them out ;)
The thing that people could do back then with so limited CPU power & RAM always astounds me :)

Markus 2011-06-09 07:49:43

Planet Logus-T5 still gives me the chills! Camorra <3<3

roel 2011-06-09 08:07:24

Impressive demos, nice to see!

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