Trailer time!

Two trailers released recently. Starbreeze showed first footage of their Syndicate remake:

I mostly worked on cancelled Bourne project when I was there, but lots of friends still at SBZ, so I’m glad to see their hard work is coming to fruition.

Few days before, 2K released trailer for the game I’ve been working on for the last 15 months - Darkness 2:

I really like it, mostly because it explains the setting/first game events a little bit. There’s still lots of work ahead of us, but we’re on the homestretch.

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Pawel 2011-09-30 12:32:48

I’ve already said I liked the Darkness flick - always good when the screen writing and overall ‘feel’ is in sync with the tone of the source material. And this trailer gets in right.
As for the Syndicate trailer - I like those up close up hand-to-hand, window-bursting, enemy-skateboard moments, but I’m not holding my breath it’s actually gameplay, not triggered engine cutscenes.
Both games should be shown to the public (pure gameplay) this close to their premieres - otherwise there’s this thick eerie feel of holding something back, that not everything is as should have or could have been and the publisher is scared of negative opinions over the net.
Good luck both to you guys and Starbreeze all the same.

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