GDC 2012/Mexico

Usually, around this time, I publish my collection of links to GDC presentations. This year however haven’t been really paying too much attention, took a week off and went to Mexico. I’ve only started to catch up… Do not despair, though, Jare has done a great job and you can find links at his blog.

The trip itself was fun, although very different from our previous adventures as it was the first time we took our 10 months old daughter with us. She’s a natural born traveller though, didn’t complain even when our flight has been cancelled (stairs truck hit the plane just before the take off…) and we had to stay an extra night at the hotel. Some photos below, mostly hotel area, as I mentioned - we’ve been way less mobile than usual. BTW, if you’re looking for a sturdy camera, look no further - Panasonic DMC-GF1 is what you want. I managed to drop mine on a concrete floor, so hard that the lens unattached. I attached it back and it still works like before.

Old comments

admin 2012-03-13 13:44:29

Byc moze nawet w ogole, jednoczesnie probowalem utrzymac 2 torby (jedna w zebach) i walizke :)

Pawel W 2012-03-13 08:50:17

Jestem ciekaw - jak Ci upad??a przeklĂ„???e?? po polsku, czy angielsku…? :>

Nico Galoppo 2012-03-20 05:36:54

Nice beaches! Where in Mexico is this?

admin 2012-03-21 15:58:41

Cancun. Not the most authentic Mexican experience, but it was the easiest to get there. Fortunately, we were there before spring break, so not too many drunk American kids :)

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