GDC 2009 proceedings

Let’s start, shall we? I’ll update this post with publications, as they become available:

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Maciej Miasik 2009-03-27 09:44:06

Will you collect publications not related to programming as well? Sound would be nice…

admin 2009-03-27 10:51:11

I’ll put whatever crosses my way, but I mostly visit programming related sites/blogs, so it’s possible I’ll miss some.

Liam 2009-03-27 15:35:28

Khronos publications:

Liam 2009-03-28 17:56:34

Everything you always wanted to know about going indie but were afraid to ask:

Arseny Kapoulkine 2009-03-31 05:09:29

The Tech Behind the Tools of Insomniac Games

bkla 2009-03-31 06:32:41

The Tech Behind the Tools of Insomniac Games
Blog post:

bkla 2009-03-31 20:20:05

Shadows & Decals: D3D10 Techniques in Frostbite (GDC’09)
Blog post:

bkla 2009-03-31 20:49:08

Free Content

bkla 2009-03-31 21:28:42

Dynamic Walking with Semi-Procedural Animation
Blog Post:

bkla 2009-04-01 06:03:48

Practical SPU programming in God of War III
Blog post:

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