Something ends...

OK, it seems like the initial supply of GDC papers has dried out. I’ll keep updating the original post with new links and create “fake” entries about bigger updates to activate RSS readers.

In the meantime – there are big changes ahead. Soon, I’ll be leaving CD Projekt Red. I’ve spent over 5 amazing years here, so it wasn’t an easy decision. I decided it’s high time to try something else, though. I’ve met some great friends here, I’ll certainly recall those years with sentiment. We also managed to create the biggest Polish game. but that’s a side effect :) Started as a small project with huge ambitions, ~15 people (our first E3 demo) at the beginning, almost 70 few years later. This chapter is now behind me. Cheers to all CDP folks and good luck in their future endeavours (I’ll finally be able to finish those games, no trauma from launching same location 5000 times searching for a bug)!

If you’re wondering what next, I’m not ready to disclose it yet, want to make sure everything’s set up, but there are some interesting prospects, that I’m rather excited about.

Old comments

Miguel 2009-03-30 21:58:21

Congrats and best of luck! Waiting to hear what’s next.

Aras Pranckevicius 2009-03-31 07:34:16

Good luck!
Are you looking for a new job by chance? :)

Riddlemaster 2009-03-31 07:48:07

Congrats and good luck!

therealremi 2009-03-31 11:19:32

“I decided itâ??s high time to try something else”
Yeah, sure ;) Looks like CD Projekt started downsizing and they fire least skilled programmers first ;)
But seriously, you could at least tell us the geographical area are you moving to.

admin 2009-03-31 15:44:09

Thanks for wishes, however congratulations may be a little premature :)
@Aras: not yet :)
@Remi: damn you for blowing my cover! I’m not trying to be mysterious BTW, just nothing’s decided yet, so I prefer to wait a little bit.

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