GDC update

Wow, kudos to GDC folks, they’re really fast this year, many presentations can be found at the official conference site already. Even better, documents have meaningful names for a change, instead of typical s1533262.pdf. I’ve updated original post with some more links. I didn’t put separate entries for new publications that can be found on tutorial/slide page, if you’re interested – see comments, some additional links there.

Old comments

ed 2009-04-15 18:19:59

They just blocked access to slides. Now you need all year paid access to download documents.

admin 2009-04-18 18:02:52

Weird, I’ve just tried and still can download them. Anyhow, in your case - if you need something, let me know, I have 90% of them anyway :)[as soon as I get my lappy fixed, that is]

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